Cheapeats For The Starving Student

The challenge of being a student is the ability to eat well on on a budget. Your daily menu typically consists of ramen noodles, peanut butter and pizza.

During a hot summer day in Greenwich Village – NYU town, I grabbed lunch at a neighborhood staple. Where is that you ask? Dojo.

Dojo is a veteran in Noho serving up predominantly vegetarian fare for as long as I can remember. (They do serve chicken as well) On this particular day I was hot and starving. It’s been years since I’ve dined here so I thought I’d  give it a shot.

The interior hasn’t changed a bit. Dark wood floors, bar, tables and chairs. Looking around I see a sea of NYU students, professors, workers and locals on their lunch break. Wow, this place is still jumping. I am immediately greeted by my server with a cold glass of water. Thank you…you must have been reading my mind. He hands me my menu and says he’ll be back.

I glance over the vast menu of vegetarian dishes including burgers, salads and platters. But don’t fret, some include chicken and turkey. I decided to go with my old reliable choice. Veggie burger platter and an iced tea.

Before I know it, my server sets down my plate. A large veggie burger over brown rice, side salad with their famous carrot ginger dressing. Memories….like the corner of my mind. I digress.

I cut into my burger and put together the perfect bite. Burger, rice, salad and dressing. Is it as good and I remember? ABSOLUTELY!!!! Before you start tuning out let me reel you back in. Their platters are so large, you can’t finish. Leftovers!!!The piece de resistance? My meal cost $4.00. You read right. A HUGE platter of food for 4 bucks!!!!!! A smile to server even got me a free iced tea too:)

Throw away those cup of noodles and head over to Dojo where you can eat well and eat healthy for pennies.

Happiness, $25 and under.

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