My New Favorite Bar & Bistro In Chelsea

It’s not very often that I’m so excited about a new spot that I rush to my laptop to post my review. Well, today’s the day and you’ll be glad I did.

Highpoint Bistro & Bar is the latest spot to hit Chelsea. Just a couple months old but with a bright future ahead of them. The decor is sleek. open and cozy. I grab a table by the window and  prepare to chow down.

My charming server Jason hands me a menu and recites the specials of the day. Fish & Chips with locally caught cod fish…Maybe. Watermelon “Steak” Au Poivre Salad as an appetizer or entree…Sounds good but not today.  A  few others that my belly passes on and then I hear it. Meatloaf over truffle mac & cheese with carrots and haricots verts. Ding! Ding! Ding! We have a winner!

Soon Chef Phil personally delivers my dish and introduces me to my meal. “Meatloaf over not your Mamma’s Mac & Cheese.” I first go for the mac. Large elbow macaroni with ridges (to sop up all the sauce) coated in a cheesy but light cream sauce with an earthy truffle essence. You’re right…this isn’t my Mamma’s Mac & Cheese.  Then I go for the meatloaf. Moist…good sign. Tangy like ketchup. Sweet like brown sugar and smoky like BBQ sauce. Just like the old fashioned  meatloaves of the 50’s but with the volume turned up. Combined with my fresh carrots and string beans, all I can say is; “HUSH YOUR MOUTH.”

They even brought me a sample of their light and fluffy Tandori Flatbread with an unusual dipping sauce that tasted like yogurt with herbs and I think orange. The dipping sauce, not my favorite,  but the bread will satisfy any carb craving.

Room for dessert? I wish I could but I can’t. I did glance at the menu. What’s on my list for ladies night out? The Caramel Experiment. What is that you ask? Rock salt, cupcakes, brownies,  popcorn, pecans, marshmallows & strawberries. 4 forks please!!!!

RUN don’t walk to HighPoint for lunch, brunch or dinner for OUTSTANDING comfort food all prepared with fresh local ingredients and of course love. Thank you Chef Phil and Jason for a memorable meal. If this was my last supper, I’d die a happy woman.

Happiness, $25 and under.


P.S. Keep the meatloaf on the menu FOREVER.

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