Private Dining On A Budget

| June 11, 2014

Ever dream of learning how to cook from a Chef? Or organize a dinner party and have a great Chef cook for you? Well your dreams have come true. Cozymeal is a community of food lovers where you can book meals or cooking classes with pre-vetted chefs and then visit the chefs at their homes, […]

A Cookbook You Must Own

| May 6, 2014

Have you ever dined out in a restaurant and wished you could replicate your meal at home? Well now you can with the new cookbook to hit the stores – EXTRADORDINARY RECIPES FROM FAIRFIELD COUNTY CHEF’S TABLE.       Fairfield County Chef’s Table is the brainchild of Amy Kundrat, executive director of CT Bites, […]

Cheap Cooking Classes

| November 26, 2013

Have you been searching for cooking classes, but are shocked by the price tag? Well don’t fret. Cheapeats is here to save the day and share a little secret. If you want to learn how to prepare Spanish dishes, check out Leti’s Catering. Leti’s Catering is headed by Chef Leti Salama, a transplant from Spain. She […]

25 Blogs Filled with Healthy Recipes for When You Fire Up Your Grill

| May 22, 2013

Just in time for Memorial Day Weekend, we wanted to share some grilling ideas shared with us by House Sitting Jobs As the weather starts to warm, you might be ready start grilling instead of slaving away in the kitchen. The good news is that you can grill just about anything. Some classic standbys of […]

7 Cooking Tips For The Broke College Student

| October 9, 2012

Our friends at The Best Degrees, shared this interesting article with us, and we wanted to share it with you. Enjoy!   7 COOKING TIPS FOR THE BROKE COLLEGE STUDENT College might be the best four years of your life, but the typical college diet is far from great, unless of course you can’t get […]

6 Unhealthy Fast Food Items You Should NEVER Eat

| September 18, 2012

Our friends over at Insurance Quotes, were lovely enough to share this profound article with us and we would love to share it with you.   6 DISTURBINGLY  UNHEALTHY FAST FOOD ITEMS YOU SHOULD NEVER EAT It’s no secret that fast food isn’t good for us, but that hasn’t stopped people from going to the drive-thru […]

Local Farm To Table Supper

| August 1, 2012

Cheapeats had the pleasure of attending Whole Foods‘ – Local Farm To Table Supper. It was held at ON TAP, in their Columbus Circle Store. Everything on the menu, originated within 100 miles of the store. I grabbed a glass of the most delicious sparkling Pinot Blanc and let the feasting begin.   FIRST COURSE Cheese […]

Quick, Easy And Healthy Recipes

| June 25, 2012

If you’ve been following Cheapeats for a while, you’ll remember the feature we did on Whole Foods Wellness Club. Ring a bell? Now that the warm weather is upon us and dare I say; “BIKINI SEASON,” staying fit is priority #1. Eating right is truly the core of our success. Many of us don’t know where to […]

Guide To Cuts Of Beef

| June 6, 2012

Now that summer is here and the grill is cranked up, we thought we would share this tip we received from Frugal Dad on how you can save $ on your beef. Enjoy!! Source: FrugalDad Happiness, $25 and under.

9 Spring Superfoods For Your Health

| June 4, 2012

The folks at INSURANCE QUOTES were gracious enough to share this insightful article with Cheapeats. We loved it so much, we wanted to share it with you. 9 SPRING SUPERFOODS Spring is finally here, and it’s the perfect time to embrace the nutrient-rich foods this season has to offer. But these aren’t just any ordinary […]