What’s Happening On Halloween In NYC?

| October 29, 2013

    IT’S COMING!  The 2nd Annual Sustainable Halloween “Truck or Treat Event” for the family… NEXT Thursday, Hallow’s Eve 2013!! FREE Food, FREE BBQ, Drinks, NYC Halloween Parade for the Family, NYC Food Trucks, Halloween Red Carpet, Block Party, sponsored by NYU, Farm2me, Ivy Bakery, NYC gov.     HAPPY HALLOWEEN Happiness, $25 and […]

Fresh & Co Grand Opening In Greenwich Village

| December 20, 2012

NYU and Greenwich Village rejoice!!!!  Fresh & Co  has opened in your hood. You don’t have to feast on unhealthy fast food anymore. Fresh & Co offers salads, sandwiches, pasta and hot meals that are Organic, Local Sustainable, Vegetarian and Vegan friendly and made Fresh Daily.   Cheapeats checked them out during their GRAND OPENING […]

Cheapeats For The Starving Student – Part 2

| October 18, 2010

Oh the challenge of eating well on a student’s budget. McDonald’s, Burger King, wings & beer. Sound familiar? Well here’s another option to get some hearty and healthy food in that belly. Quantum Leap is a quaint spot in the middle of Greenwich Village and NYU, serving up healthy grub in a casual setting. The rustic […]

Cheapeats For The Starving Student

| October 5, 2010

The challenge of being a student is the ability to eat well on on a budget. Your daily menu typically consists of ramen noodles, peanut butter and pizza. During a hot summer day in Greenwich Village – NYU town, I grabbed lunch at a neighborhood staple. Where is that you ask? Dojo. Dojo is a veteran in Noho serving […]

Hot and Spicy

| October 20, 2009

When you’re a student, cheap is the name of the game. NYU is the most expensive university in New York. Students pay a premium to study there, not allowing for much disposable income. Well have no fear, you can eat well on a budget. L’Annam is a spot on University Place serving authentic Vietnamese cooking. […]