Cheap New Years Eve

| December 27, 2011

  Happy 2012   Happiness, $25 and under.

My New Favorite Bar & Bistro In Chelsea

| September 29, 2010

It’s not very often that I’m so excited about a new spot that I rush to my laptop to post my review. Well, today’s the day and you’ll be glad I did. Highpoint Bistro & Bar is the latest spot to hit Chelsea. Just a couple months old but with a bright future ahead of them. The decor is sleek. open […]

Cafe Quinto Pino Brings Catalan Cuisine to New York City

| July 8, 2010

When I miss the places I’ve traveled to, I try to relive those experiences through food. It’s quicker and easier to get there and stirs up wonderful memories. It was at this time a few years back that I was traveling through Europe. One place in particular that I loved was Mallorca. Time and money […]

Thai One On In Chelsea

| March 2, 2010

 On my many strolls through Chelsea, I often pass a corner restaurant with an exotic interior and think to myself that I should check it out. Well on a recent weekday, I decided to try it for lunch. Regional Thai is located on 7th Ave in the heart of Chelsea. The blackboard out front boasts […]