A Cookbook You Must Own

Have you ever dined out in a restaurant and wished you could replicate your meal at home? Well now you can with the new cookbook to hit the stores – EXTRADORDINARY RECIPES FROM FAIRFIELD COUNTY CHEF’S TABLE.


Fairfield County Chef's Table



Fairfield County Chef’s Table is the brainchild of Amy Kundrat, executive director of CT Bites, and beautifully photographed by Stephanie Webster. They have compiled all the great dishes from the great restaurants and shops throughout Connecticut and simplified them for the home cook.

Fairfield County consists of a variety of towns and cities that each offer its own selection of delicious cuisine. This collaboration creates an enjoyable eating experience for all residents and travelers as they discover the diverse options and foodie experiences that this Connecticut region hosts.

These fabulous recipes include Wild Mushroom Grilled Cheese from 109 Cheese and Wine, seafood paella from Barcelona Wine & Bar, smoothies from Catch A Healthy Habit  and how to brew the perfect pot of coffee from Espresso Neat .


Caffe lattte



What I love about the cookbook is that the recipes aren’t pretentious, easy to follow and you don’t need to PHD to decipher them. It’s a cookbook that you will want to have in your repertoire or better yet, give as a gift. (Mother’s Day is a few days away…hint hint) I included one in my friend’s bridal shower gift and she LOVED it.

So if you can’t take a scenic drive or ride to beautiful Connecticut, just take a bite or sip from one of these recipes and you’ll be instantly swept away.




Happiness, $25 and under.

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