Authentic Peruvian Food On Long Island

Cheapeats is always on the hunt for restaurants that offer great food and great value. We will venture to all  the boroughs because that’s what we do. So when we received an invitation to sample some authentic Peruvian food on Long Island, we jumped at the chance. What better person to take along than my Peruvian Sister-In-Law and my brother, well because he never turns down a free meal, to see if this restaurant is the real deal. Where did we go? Manka Peruvian Kitchen

Manka Peruvian Kitchen is located at 216 Glen Street in Glen Cove Long Island. It’s the brain child of Chef Boris Torres, who wanted to share the food he grew up on with others. The atmosphere is casual, cozy and intimate.

When we entered, we were greeted by Carla, who was also our server. While sipping on drinks, Chef Boris came out and introduced himself to us. He asked if we would allow him to choose our dishes. “Choose away Chef, we’re in your hands.”

Before we knew an array of dishes were appearing on our table, each one looked better than the next. The list is long, so fasten your seat belt and enjoy the ride.


I love ceviche and of course you can’t eat Peruvian food without having it. They offer 4 different kinds and ours was shrimp. Perfectly marinated with a note of citrus. It was traditionally served with large kernel corn and a tangy sauce on the side. So far, so good.


Next was Causa, which is whipped potatoes and stuffed with whatever the Chef chooses that day. Ours had salmon, shrimp and octopus. I had never tried this before and am always excited to sample traditional dishes from another country. The combination was very interesting & very tasty. My favorite topping was the salmon. My brother’s octopus.

Ahi de Gallina

Aji de Gallina is shredded chicken in a mild sauce. Very similar to the Puerto Rican dish – Ropa Vieja but different. The shredded chicken was extremely moist and the sauce was very earthy. It’s served with a side of white rice. Survey says – 2 thumbs up.


Then a seafood stew came out that consisted of calamari, shrimp and mussels. WOW!!! The broth was warming with a earthy undertone. The seafood was super tender. OUTSTANDING! On a cold Winters night, this would be the perfect meal.

Carla then asked us if we had room for dessert. Is the Pope Catholic?

Rice pudding

Arroz con Leche aka rice pudding with a plum sauce was first on the list. Sweet & creamy with a tang from the plums. Bueno!

Fried Donuts

Picarones, which are fried donuts, was next. Light, airy with a light caramel sauce on top. Donuts….the universal food for all.


The one request my Sister-In-Law had was Alfajores, which is a cookie that is filled with Dulce de Leche and dusted with powdered sugar. When she took a bite she said; “It tastes like Abuela (Grandma) made it.”

By the end of the meal, we were stuffed and smiling. Chef Boris came out to see if we enjoyed the meal and frankly we were speechless. Everything was outstanding from start to finish. DELICIOSO!

I think my Sister-In-Law summed it up best. “It tasted like my childhood.”


Happiness, $25 and under. 

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