You Can Be Cheap And Chic

broken-piggy-bankRecently an old friend came to New York to visit. I was so excited to see her and catch up. She had little time to see everyone and little money. No worries….Cheapeats to the rescue.

She had invited a friend for dinner but was distraught and embarrassed that it needed to be on the cheap. Hey Rose, can you suggest some cheapeats? No problem. I rambled off a list of spots that would offer great eating and great atmosphere. She knew she could trust my suggestions but was still concerned that it was cheap. What kind of food do they serve? Is it nice? Are you sure it’s OK? I won’t be embarrassed?

This really struck home because that was my inspiration for Cheapeats. Being able to participate in the social scene of dining out without spending a lot of dough. Folks, there should be no embarrassment to be on a budget. Money doesn’t buy you happiness nor buy you class. There are so many great eateries out there that are FABULOUS and won’t break the bank.

How did they like the restaurant recommendation? THEY LOVED IT!!!!  The scallops were divine and the ambiance was perfect. What a relief!!!!  But I knew it would be.

You CAN be cheap and chic. It’s not what you spend, it’s just how smart you spend it. What other cheapeats did we hit? Stay tuned.

Happiness, $25 and under.




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A fierce love of food and twin careers in real estate and fashion taught Rose to look for the hottest item and the hottest deal. Perfect attributes for creating When friends and clients needed a great meal at a great price, she could rattle off restaurant names the way a sports nut ticks off batting averages—but with a lot more home runs. Now it’s all at Cheapeats, where you’ll find “Happiness, $25 and under.”


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