Yoga & Dinner In Greenpoint

Yoga & Silent Dinner



Yoga + Silent Dinner is Back! (Quietly)
Imagination in Space x Pop Up Yoga NYC at EAT Greenpoint
A Voltron combo for inner peace 

GREENPOINT – How many times have you gone to dinner and talked? Clever quip-filled, robust conversation. So many times, right? How often have you dined in silence? The solo Chipotle run doesn’t count. Neither does airplane supper, headphones in, watching the Rom Com surrounded by 187 other people doing the same. Enjoyed dinner in silence: Once, twice, never? How about silent dinner with yoga class as aperitif? We’ll here to help you break that streak.
February 24 at 7:30pm, Imagination in Space x Pop Up Yoga NYC invite you to a Yoga + Silent Dinner Pop Up at EAT Greenpoint  We tried the combination in December, and it turns out the yoga/meditative dinner combo is like Voltron for inner peace. Tix sold out quickly, and even better, when we popped bubbly after dessert to celebrate the experience, everyone at the table was all effervescent smiles and good chat.
Pop Up Yoga NYC Founder Angelica Olstad will lead a 60-minute yoga class with curate tunes that draw on her experience as a classically trained pianist and DJ (Double Voltron). Then EAT Greenpoint Chef Nick Nauman will prepare a silent dinner designed with the palette and body in mind using only local (Upstate), organic ingredients. Nauman’s silent dinners have garnered press from The Wall Street Journal to The Guardian. Prosecco proudly supported by New York Events, who we’re partnering up with on a new dining series called Culinary Expeditions.
One-hour yoga session with Pop Up Yoga NYC’s Angelica Olstad
Three-course silent dinner with EAT Greenpoint Chef Nick Nauman
February 24, 7:30 pm
EAT Greenpoint, 124 Meserole Ave – 1.5 blocks north of G train at Nassau
1. Roasted Parsnip Bisque with Toasted Sage
2. Curry Mulled French Lentils With Chili Ghee,
Brown Jasmine Rice and Violet Slaw
3. Butternut Pecan Mousse with Shaved Apple and Herbs
4. Prosecco
Imagination in Space creates pop ups for the city around clever NYC artists, chefs, yogis and entrepreneurs. Join them on Twitter @wolves or at home
Pop Up Yoga NYC brings yoga into urban spaces – from DeKalb Market to Chelsea art galleries. Join  them on Facebook and Twitter @popupyoganyc and check out Pop Up Yoga NYC


Happiness, $25 and under.

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