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Cheapeats was graciously invited, to try a HOT New Restaurant, in the West Village. As always, we want to share with our readers, the latest and the greatest dining spots. Heck, it’s a dirty job, but someone has to do it. 🙂 What is this new HOT SPOT? Barrio 47.

Barrio 47 is located on the corner of 8th Avenue & Jane Street, but when you walk in, you would think you are in Southern Spain. Exposed brick walls, sleek bar, bistro tables, open kitchen, hip light fixtures and the coolest music in the background. So far, I’m digging it.







I was then greeted by a VERY handsome man. “Hi I’m Alex, one of the owners. Welcome to Barrio 47.” He then seated us at a table in the back. Good Food and Eye Candy?  Is this heaven? Yes Ladies, the owners are French brothers Alex and Roman Volland. They were just lovely and made us and everyone else, feel at home. Another sign of a great restaurant.

A cocktail was first on the list and Sangria was the drink of choice. It wasn’t too sweet or fruity, like Sangria can be. The secret is…Vodka. Who knew? Our charming server Sal, handed us our menu, shared the specials of the day and left us to our reading.

Alex, then came over to discuss the menu with us and also to offer some suggestions. “We’re guests in your house and will take your lead.” And so he did.

To wet our appetites, we were served Chilled Gazpacho topped with Crab Meat. On a hot Summer Day, there is nothing better. One spoonful and it took me back to my holiday in Ibiza. OUSTANDING! Oh boy…this is going to be good.

Next came the Wild Mushroom Cocas. A Cocas is  a Spanish Flatbread Pizza. The wafer thin crust was crispy with a Lemon Cottage Cheese spread and topped with smoky sauteed Wild Mushrooms, Spinach and drizzled with Truffle Oil. PERFECTION!!!


After those 2 dishes, you’re probably wondering, “Can it get any better than that?” Oh yes it can.

The specialty of the house is Grilled Octopus. I have to be honest, I’m not a big fan of Octopus. It can be very chewy and rubbery. However, not to be a disrespectful guest, we ordered it. Fingers Crossed.


The dish was presented beautifully with Cherry Heirloom Tomatoes and sitting on a bed of Garlic Aioli. “OK, I’m going in.” As soon as it entered my mouth, I shouted; ” Oh My God, this is incredible.” My friend looked at me and followed with her fork. Mmmmm. Alex, came over to see what we thought. “Alex, it’s so tender and smoky. I’m speechless.” I learned, that the secret is cooking in the brick oven. In fact, EVERYTHING is cooked in their brick oven. That is not an easy thing to master, but it makes all the difference.

All I could think was, thank God my brother isn’t here, because he would have devoured it all, before my first bite.

Next are our entrees. I ordered the Branzino and my friend ordered the Scallop Risotto. Is your mouth watering yet?

My fish was cooked perfectly. A slight crust on the outside, moist, light and flaky on the inside. With a little squeeze of lemon…PERFECTION ON A PLATE. It was accompanied by Fried Zucchini (my favorite) and Ratatouille.

The Risotto was one of the specials of the day. I can see why. Fresh Vegetables, pillowy Scallops, all dancing with creamy rice. BRILLIANT.

While we were enjoying this incredible feast, a little surprise showed up on our table. The El Diablo. House-Made Habanero Vanilla Bean Tequila, Lime Juice and Agave Nectar. This cocktail is very similar to a Margarita, but with a little more punch. The glass is rimmed with salt and chili powder, which is the best way to sample it.  DELICIOUS.

No matter how full you are, there’s always room for something sweet. Our dessert did not disappoint. Caramel Flan with Mixed Berry Compote and Turkish Fig Ice Cream. I KNOW!!! The Flan was creamy, with a hint of smoke. The ice cream was quite interesting and not overly sweet. The combination of the two…. GENIUS.


I will be honest, the menu can go above $25, however, let me share some tips.

  • Everyday from 5 – 7pm is $1 Oysters and  Happy Hour
  • Every Tuesday is Farm To Fire Supper for $25
  • Every Saturday & Sunday is I Bloody Lunch Brunch
  • You can order a few Appetizers & Cocas and share

Pssst….it’s worth going over the budget. Aren’t you worth it?


I want to applaud Chef Miguel Rosado and Sous Chef Dominick, for a BRILLIANT meal. Thank you to our server Sal, our busser Himid and our drink fairy Anna. You took such good care of us and were absolutely delightful.

Thank you Gail PR, for making the love connection possible.

Thank you Alex and Roman,  for your generosity and graciousness. You welcomed us into your home and treated us like family.

Merci Beaucoup 🙂

Happiness, $25 and under.


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