How To Eat Cheap In A Not So Cheap Restaurant?

There’s nothing worse that being in a pricey restaurant and thinking you’re forced to eat bread and water or sacrifice a kidney to pay the bill. Sound familiar? Well Cheapeats wants to share with you some tips that will allow you to eat cheap in a not so cheap restaurant.

Recently, I had a business lunch in midtown and decided to put my tips into practice. The restaurant where the experiment was held was Ma Peche.

Ma Peche is located in the lower level of the Chambers Hotel. I was excited to try it, but knew that it wasn’t cheapeats. Armed with the tools, I knew I could succeed.

Glancing at the menu, there’s so many options that sound amazing. Then I look to the right of the menu. A 3 course prix fixe menu for $25. Cha Ching!!!!

My dining partner was eyeing the Summer Rolls as an appetizer to share when I had the light bulb moment. The prix fixe menu has an appetizer option and the Summer Rolls are on it. I’ll order it as an appetizer and we’ll save money by sharing it. Perfect

Their Summer Roll is like an Asian Burrito stuffed with crunchy veggies, peanuts, with a choice of either pork, shrimp or tofu and a hoisin sauce for dipping. YUMMY.

My fellow diner ordered the Sea Bass in a bone marrow broth. Not my ideal choice but he said it was OUTSTANDING.

I chose the Sea Bass with roasted fennel and broccoli rabe puree. It was light, flavorful and absolutely BRILLIANT.

So 2 courses down and 1 more to go. Care for dessert? I say that I’m watching my figure and suggest splitting my brownie dessert.

So, I managed to eat at this pricey restaurant and enjoy a 3 course meal for just $25. The cherry on the sundae? He paid the bill. CHA CHA CHING!!!!


Happiness, $25 and under.

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