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CALLING ALL BRITS.  Are you feeling homesick? Looking for a spot that brings a piece of England to NYC? Cheapeats has found it and it’s nestled in the quaint West Village.

When you step into Tea & Sympathy, you feel like you’ve entered a charming English cottage.  Dark walls, wood panels and warm smells coming from the kitchen. There is English memorabilia everywhere. Charles & Diana plates, maps, teapots and if you’re lucky….Queen Elizabeth will be sitting out front.

There are about 10 tables with plastic tablecloths (is my Grandmother here?) so be prepared to wait a bit. Lucky for me, my timing was impeccable and nabbed a table straight away.

It was a chilly and rainy afternoon, so tea was a must for me. I’m greeted by my server with of course, an English accent, and given a menu to view. Their menu is everything English. Scones, tea, shepherds pie and sandwiches to name just a few. I a bit peckish (that’s hungry to you) so I order a sandwich and a pot of Jasmine Green Tea.

As I look around, I see men enjoying hearty stews, girlfriends enjoying proper afternoon tea with scones and finger sandwiches and kids with their Mom’s indulging in tasty treats. Oh boy….can’t wait.

Before I know it, my server brings my teapot steaming with aromatic tea and my sandwich. A proper English sandwich.

Grilled ham with Scottish cheddar and tomato on pumpernickel bread with a side watercress salad. Smashing!!! Not your ordinary Kraft American cheese but sharp cheddar combined a creamy bechamel type sauce. DECADENT! A fork and knife are in order…no fingers please. Creamy, tangy, salty, gooey combined with a crusty top. BRILLIANT!

I didn’t write down the name of it but the server brought over a jar of what I would say is some type of relish. A dab of that on a bite brought the sandwich to the next level.

After my plate was cleared and enjoying the last of my tea, I glanced at the dessert menu. Ginger cake with cream, apple cake with cream, scones and more. I wish I could but I’m FULL!!!

My experience at Tea & Sympathy was heart warming. If felt like a visit to my Grannie, if she was English. If you want to take a piece of England home, the shop next store carries many English treats. CHEERS!


Happiness, $25 and under.

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