Where To Find Love?

Looking for love in all the wrong places? Living in a big city is great but challenging. Where are all the single men and women? Bar, pubs, gym? Well if you live in London…it’s the Grocery Store.

Cheapeats read this article on Iconoculture and thought it was worth sharing.


By Kelly Stevens, Sr. Editor,


Looking for love? Brits can now try the produce aisle. The Asda supermarket chain has launched a website, AsdaDating.co.uk, that matches potential partners based on their shopping habits (Grocer.co.uk, 1 February 2011). It’s a potentially delicious idea, considering that a survey of 10,000 Asda shoppers found that 71% of men view supermarkets as a better place than pubs and bars to find a date. Almost half (47%) said they examined the contents of fellow shoppers’ baskets to determine whether they were single. To create the site, Asda partnered with UKDating.com, one of the most well-known dating sites in the country, claiming that over 100,000 singles log in every week.

Marrying lunch and love might be a bit of fun, but there’s a streak of seriousness in it, too. Consumers want more than a bar in
common. A practical approach to mate-finding takes some of the pressure off, linking up with like-minded others lessens the chance of rejection, and the future looks tasty if you fancy the same foods. The idea also offers a lesson for retailers: Potential customers may see your shop as more than just a spot to buy their next banana; it also is and can be part of a broader community where consumers shop, work, play, date and … live.



Happiness and love, $25 and under.



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