Summer Events – Crab Boil Tuesdays at Back Forty


Crab Boil at Back Forty Restaurant

Back Forty Restaurant
New York, NY

Let the 2011 Crab Boil Games begin! As in past years, every Tuesday night at Back Forty is devoted to cracking, licking, sucking, smashing, hammering all the succulent flavors out of the mid-Atlantic’s most famous resident, the Blue Claw Crab. For $40 we dump a mountain of spiced crabs onto newspaper wrapped tables for you and your friends, serve it with other hand-eaten side dishes like stone ground cornbread, corn on the cob and boiled new potatoes and string beans. You wash it all down with pitchers of beer (Sixpoint Crisp Lager $15). Then we come back around with hand towels for the clean-up and summer fruit cobblers for dessert. Every Tuesday from June 14th ’til the end of August. Tickets are sold each Wednesday prior to the Tuesday. $40 does not include beverage, tax or gratuity. Please purchase group tickets in one name in the same time slot to insure seating together.  Thank you!
**Please note- all seating for crab boils is communal. Please purchase group tickets in the same time slot to insure seats at the same table.  Back Forty’s regular menu will not be available on crab boil nights.  Seating in the 6:30 and 8:30 time slots will be in outside in our covered garden, rain or shine.

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Happiness, $25 and under.

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