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Fitzpatrick HotelDo you have trouble finding a spot for lunch that will get you in and out in an hour? Or how about finding the perfect spot for a business meeting that won’t break the bank? Sound familiar? Well Cheapeats found a spot that answers both problems?

The Fitz, located in The Fitzpatrick Hotel. Conveniently located in Midtown, makes it the perfect spot to dine.

The dining room is warm and cozy with dark wood tables and chairs yet bright from the large picture window in front. So charming. But if that doesn’t thrill you, this will; “Express Lunch $10.99. Guaranteed to get you in and out in 45min or lunch is on us.” I found a pot of gold!!!


I decide to accept their challenge and host a business lunch there. As soon as I enter the dining room, I’m greeted with a smile and immediately seated at a table. I choose a center table against the wall so I can get a full view of the room. It was an unsually warm day and the thought of soup as my first course, wasn’t thrilling me. The sweet waitress suggested substituting a salad for soup. Sounds perfect. Turkey Club sandwich, side salad and and iced tea for two.


My meeting begins and soon our lunch arrives, Perfect timing. Their turkey club is packed with fresh oven roasted turkey, crisp lettuce, apple wood smoked bacon with cranberry mayonnaise on whole wheat bread. A Spring version of Thanksgiving dinner. The combination of textures were perfect. Crispy, crunchy, creamy and tangy. YUMMY. The salad was a medley of assorted greens, crunchy cucumbers and grape tomatoes with Italian dressing on the side. The iced tea was freshly brewed with a wedge of lemon. Perfection.

By the end of our meal, our business was complete and we were ready to continue on with our hectic day.

Did we make the 45minute mark? Just under 40. Touchdown!!!!


Happiness, $25 and under.



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A fierce love of food and twin careers in real estate and fashion taught Rose to look for the hottest item and the hottest deal. Perfect attributes for creating Cheapeatsinc.com. When friends and clients needed a great meal at a great price, she could rattle off restaurant names the way a sports nut ticks off batting averages—but with a lot more home runs. Now it’s all at Cheapeats, where you’ll find “Happiness, $25 and under.”


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