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If you walk past any bar, you’ll see the usual scene. Guys hanging out, drinking beer and catching the game. The bar menu is usually your standard burger, fries and nachos. BORING. Well, hold onto your hats boys because have I got a place for you.

Gus & Gabriel is a gastro pub housed on the lower level of a brownstone with a sign so small, you will easily pass it by….BUT DON’T. At first glance, it looks like your typical pub. Dark interior. Long wooden bar with beer on tap. Tables in the back with flat screen TV’s  statregically placed so that everyone can enjoy their favorite game. So this is where all the men in NYC are. Who knew? But I’m here on a mission to sample the food. Sorry ladies, it’s a tough job but someone has to do it.

At first glance you realize their  menu is a throwback to the classics. Grilled cheese, mac & cheese, burgers, hot dogs and yes…tater tots.  Oh boy, I feel my arteries hardening already. What is the lesser of the evils?  I order the Chicago dog and hope for the best.

With lightening speed, my server sets down not a plate but a platter. Oh boy!!! A Chicago dog is so not your typical hot dog. It’s very much like a smoked sausage with lots of toppings. Mine was lettuce, tomatoes, onion and hot peppers.  Well, atleast I’m eating a salad…sort of. I take a bite….SNAP… the sound of a great hot dog. OMG, I’m in hog heaven. These are freshly made not out of a package. Fresh, lean, smokey, tasty and combined with the toppings, you don’t need mustard or ketchup. I’m a sucker for french fries and these are hand cut. Yummy. Did I mention an order = 2 dogs? Bring a friend.

 They are also known for their tater tots. Potato nuggets filled with cheese, spices and topped with a BBQ sauce. I wanted to try them but ran out of room.

In the background you can hear baseball stats being quoted by the beer drinking crowd. I still don’t understand how a man can recite batting averages from 20 years ago but can’t remember your birthday. I digress.

If you’re looking for a neighborhood spot to grab a beer, hang with the guys, catch the game but mostly have your taste buds tantalized… check out Gus & Gabriel. You’ll never eat typical bar grub again.

Happiness, $25 and under.

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