My Mission….Find The Best Sandwich

SandwichJust like Joey on Friends, I love a good sandwich. Tasty fillings, fresh bread and of course the condiments. After a while, they all seem boring. Turkey with Swiss. Tuna on rye. PB and J. The usual suspects. Well there’s a new game in town and they’re shaking things up.

Project Sandwich is a spot in Soho that isn’t your ordinary sandwich shop. Their menu consists of 4 sandwiches and 2 daily soups. Everything is made fresh on the spot. What do I want? Brazilian steak sandwich? French duck breast? My friend Ricki would love that. My choice…The Mexican.

The Mexican sandwich is a smoked trout salad with chopped tomatoes, red onion, cilantro and lime juice on a ciabatta roll. Almost like ceviche, which I love.  Something different. And a Mojito iced tea – green tea with spearmint and other flavors. Quickly I was handed my lunch and told to enjoy.

OK Project Sandwich, let’s see how good you are? It was so nicely presented. Like a present wrapped in silver wrapping paper and a logo sticker holding it together. I opened it up and took a bite. The salad was fresh, crunchy and tangy from the lime. It is like ceviche sandwich. I’m a sauce person so that fact that the juice soaked into my bread is key for me. After all, dunking is the best part of meal.

Overall, I was very pleased. My only complaint was the bread. I’m sad to say it was a little dry. Not pillowy and moist as I hoped. Sorry guys. They’ve only been open a month so I will give them a pass.

Their plan is allow their patrons design their own sandwiches. If your sandwich is chosen, it will be featured on the menu for 2 weeks. How cool is that?

Their sandwiches average about $8.50. Yes, a little on the high side but to not to far off from what your local deli charges. And, they’re large enough for two to share.

Best part, with every sandwich you’ll receive a free week of yoga coupon to Yoga Works. Nice touch. 

Happiness, $25 and under.

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