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On a recent Saturday in Brooklyn, I was catching up with a friend over lunch. How were things going with her job. What was new with me. You know…gossip. All through lunch I heard, before I head home,  I have to pick up some Roti. What is a Roti? It’s like a burrito but better.

All through our meal I kept hearing how delicious they are. How her  friends drive in from New Jersey just to stock up. Blah, Blah, Blah. I offered to take ride with her to witness the “Roti.”

Our drive was more like a journey. It’s on Nostrand Avenue near a gas station. Well that narrows it down. We get to Gloria’s and realized that’s not it. This is Gloria’s 2, I’m looking Gloria’s 3. Is there a difference? Yes there is.

The good co-pilot I am, I google it on my phone and realize we’ve gone too far down. We turn around and head in the other direction. Make a left here and it should be 1 block up. No it’s not. Where is this place? Ooops, it’s by St. Johns Place not Street. Guess, I’m not such a good co-pilot after all.

We finally get to Gloria’s 3 and hear “This isn’t the place.” Are you kidding me? I give her the look. This is the last stop.  We’re going in. It looks familiar..is this it? I don’t know. We learn they used to be near the gas station but that was 6yearrs ago. Wow, so good it’s been 6years since you’ve been here. Mmmhhh.

We drove for miles to find it so of course I’m going to try one. I order the Potato and Channa Roti. They hand me this HUGE burrito wrapped in foil. Is this the family size? No a single serving. Yikes.

The scrumptious roti was filled with potatoes, chick peas, onions and an array of curry and spices that were mouth watering. Needless to say I could only eat half. Leftovers…score.

The stream of people walking in and out shows that Gloria’s Caribbean Cuisine is the real deal. If you’re lucky, they’ll throw in a free slice of carrot cake too.

Happiness, $25 and under.

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