Fatburger Opens In NYC

| June 11, 2013

All you West Coast transplants…..REJOICE!!! Fatburger has opened in NYC. If you head to the corner of 3rd Ave & East 34th St (509 3rd Ave), your burger fix will be met. This location offers all the great eats that Fatburger is known to offer, but it also has a full bar and is open to […]

What’s Happening In NYC This Weekend? Taste Of Tribeca

| May 16, 2012

TASTE OF TRIBECA IS BACK MAY 19th, 2012 This culinary festival not only features all the great eateries in Tribeca, but it also benefits P.S. 234 and P.S. 150. For a list of participating restaurants. The day is filled with food, fun and festivities for all. FOR TIX   Happiness, $25 and under.    

Good Dairy At Openhouse Gallery

| April 16, 2012

  For Tix   Happiness, $25 and under.

Western New York Local Restaurant Week

| March 26, 2012

MARCH 26th – APRIL 1st, 2012 In Western New York celebrating local independent restaurants. It’s the best $20.11 you’ll ever spend. 🙂 For more info Happiness, $25 and under.

Cheapeating In Midtown

| March 14, 2012

During a busy day in Midtown, I had time to enjoy a proper lunch. But where would I go? Strolling down 9th Ave, I glanced at menus and peeked in windows. But something caught my eye and I knew I found the perfect spot. Kashkaval is a cozy cheese shop, wine bar and cafe that […]

$4 Beers During OKtoberfest

| September 25, 2011

  Drink up   Happiness, $25 and under.

Cheapeats Has Gone Mobile

| September 7, 2011

CHEAPEATS HAS GONE MOBILE Now you don’t have to go far to get the latest news from Cheapeats. Download Cheapeats on your mobile to always be in the know for the best Cheap eateries in your hood, events and specials. Best of all…IT’S FREE!!!!  What could be better? Click here to download to your phone.   Happiness, $25 and under. […]

Where To Dine In The East Village?

| August 24, 2011

The East Village is filled with an abundance of great restaurants. Mexican, Italian, Thai to name just a few. But one type cuisine that doesn’t come to mind is Ethiopian. I for one, have never tried it but am game for an adventure. So with a friend and her suggestion, we headed to Meskel Ethiopian. […]

Where To Find Noodle Soup?

| August 22, 2011

Ever have one of those days when the only thing that will make you feel better is a bowl of soup? But not just any soup…..Noodle Soup. The kind you can only get in a Chinese Restaurant. Cheapeats recently had one of those days and headed down to Chinatown to feed our soul. Where did we go? […]

All You Can Eat Tacos

| August 22, 2011

  Click for location   Happiness, $25 and under.