What’s Happening In NYC This Weekend?

Are you staycating and looking for something to do? Check out this event

Tanner Smith


Date: Sunday, July 26th
Time: 8- Till late
Where: Tanner Smiths, 204 West 55th
$25 will get everyone an equal amount of chips to play at one of the tables. Winner receives bottles of cheer donated by 11 Spirits 
     Drink Specials: $5 Dollar Blue Toasted Lager Pints 
     No Cover
     8-10:30PM Swing Band – Fleur Seule  http://www.fleurseule.com/
     DJ Paul C- Will take over after for the night 


Why are celebrating Tanner Smith?

  • Tanner Smith was born and raised on the West Side of Manhattan at the turn of the 20th century.
  • He was a boisterous youth who would go on to be the leader of the Marginal Gang.
  • His career, along with his gang affiliations, helped develop a character who was well versed in the illicit underground antics of NYC.
  • Smith’s actions helped pave the way for bootleggers throughout the Prohibition era. He was closely associated with Owney Madden, owner of the famous Cotton Club, with both men owning and operating the Winona Club at West 47th and 10th Ave for a brief period of time.
  •  After being persuaded by his mother and sister to go straight and leave the criminal life behind, Tanner went onto become a successful local businessman.
  • He later opened a neighborhood club to help keep the next generation out of trouble. Tanner Smith was seen as a modern day Robin Hood, a leader and peacemaker who gave back to the people of the West Side.
  • In short….he was a bad ass



Happiness, $25 and under.

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