Thanksgiving And Holiday Pies

With Thanksgiving right around the corner and the stress of cooking all day, wouldn’t you love to be able to simplify your life? Well you can.

Let Pie Face take care of dessert for you. Just order (2 day notice) or stop in, they’re stocking up, and pick up your holiday pie. Choose from Apple, Pecan, Coconut Cream and my personal favorite…Pumpkin. But wait….there’s more.


For those of us that wish everyday was Thanksgiving…good news. IT IS!  Pie Face is now featuring a Turkey Mini Pie that is filled with Turkey, Stuffing and Gravy. DIVINE!!!


I’m not done yet. There is also The Turkey Stack, which is their Turkey Pie topped with Sweet Potato Mash, Cranberry Sauce, and Gravy. Mmmmm. For those traditionalists, you can add mushy peas. BRILLIANT!


Cheapeats had the tough job of sampling these pies and WE’RE HOOKED!!! The mini turkey pies are OUTSTANDING. All the best parts of Thanksgiving in a flaky crust and portable. Puts the Swanson Pot Pie of my childhood to shame. 🙂

The Turkey Stack comes in an adorable cardboard box with a slot to hold your fork. Easily portable. I predict that this will be your go to winter meal and mine. 🙂

After I filled my belly and washed it down with a Flat White Coffee  (a cross between a Latte and Cappuccino and might I add – A RELIGIOUS EXPERIENCE), I headed home with my own Pumpkin Pie. Guess what I’m bringing for dessert? 

For more info and to your order your pie:

Pie Face Fact Sheet Turkey Pies

Happiness, $25 and under.

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