Raw, Vegan And Organic Restaurant In Soho

On a recent Saturday afternoon in Soho, I was looking for a spot to grab a bite, that would continue the goodness I had just achieved from Yoga. While walking down Centre Street, I noticed a very cool looking restaurant. I peeked in the window and saw an interior that  was modern and cozy. I then glanced at the menu and realized this was a restaurant on my “Must Try” list. What was it? Rawlicious.

Rawlicious is an import from Canada and serves food that is Raw, Organic, Vegan and Gluten Free. Oh, don’t turn away yet. You don’t have to be a tree hugger, to enjoy healthy plant based food. Hang in there, it gets better.

I stepped into the restaurant with all my Yoga gear and was immediately greeted by a giant smile. The hostess sat me at my table of choice and educated me on the menu and their mission. She gave me a few moments to digest the menu and make my choice. I decided to go with their Caesar Wrap and Leaf Green Juice.

I do have an intolerance to wheat and shouldn’t be eating it. I do confess, at times, I fall off the wagon and immediately feel the difference. It’s nice to see “Gluten Free” becoming more mainstream. I was SO excited to see how they were going to tantalize my tastebuds.

My Leaf Green juice was freshly squeezed Celery, Cucumber, Spinach and Kale. I took a sip….Refreshing, Clean and Delicious. If your kids won’t eat their veggies, have them drink them. YUMMY!!

The Caesar Wrap was seasoned nut loaf with romaine lettuce, bell peppers, onion bread croutons (gluten free) with Caesar dressing and wrapped in a collard leaf. What was great about this wrap is that hit all my senses. It satisfied my craving for a “hold in my hand sandwich.” It was crunchy, had substance to it and was packed with flavor. OUTSTANDING!!!!

As I ate, I read through their menu. They offer smoothies, juices, sandwiches and salads. Their entrees are replicas of the meat filled dishes you would normally order – Pad Thai, Burgers, Tacos and Meatloaf with Mashed Potatoes – but they have no meat. Not only don’t they have meat, but they taste like they do. Trust me on this…YOU WON’T MISS THE MEAT.

What I also loved about Rawlicious is it’s vibe. It had that cool Downtown vibe, that is date worthy. The only thing different, is the menu they serve.

Thank you Rawlicious, for my brilliant meal. I walked out of there satisfied and energized. I will DEFINITELY be back. There’s a cheesecake and cinnamon bun with my name on it. 🙂


Happiness, $25 and under.

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