A Spot For Lunch Near Lord & Taylor

When you’re power shopping, you often need to fuel to keep the credit card charging. But the area near Lord & Taylor can sometimes be like no man’s land for a drink or a bite. Especially one that won’t break the bank. There’s no need to fear, Cheapeats is here. Where should you go? The Ginger Man

The Ginger Man is a proper pub that serves up beer, wine and of course food. I recently dined there with a friend to catch up for lunch. I haven’t been here in years and was glad to see it’s still around.

We grabbed a table up front and embarked on our experience. They offer many sandwich options for lunch and all accompanied by homemade potato chips. I order the Turkey Club and she the Vegetarian and of course 2 Iced Teas.

Shortly our lunch arrives. The true test of a good sandwich is the bread. A baguette must be crusty on the outside and soft on the inside and these were. The ingredients were fresh and full of flavor. Hit the spot.

I got up to go the Ladies Room and found a lounge in the back filled with couches and large cushy club chairs. Wow, this is a perfect spot to meet for a drink. Who knew?

After an hour of catching up and eating, we ask for the bill. The damage was $25 combined. JACKPOT.


Happiness, $25 and under.

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A fierce love of food and twin careers in real estate and fashion taught Rose to look for the hottest item and the hottest deal. Perfect attributes for creating Cheapeatsinc.com. When friends and clients needed a great meal at a great price, she could rattle off restaurant names the way a sports nut ticks off batting averages—but with a lot more home runs. Now it’s all at Cheapeats, where you’ll find “Happiness, $25 and under.”


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