Vegetarian Food Trucks

Food Trucks are all the craze. Burgers, Ice Cream, Mexican….Oh my!!!! But what about options for die hard Vegetarians? Are there trucks out there for you? Hell to the yes!!!! I recently saw this feature in Vegetarian Times and thought it was worth sharing.

10 Vegetarian Food Trucks To Keep On Your Radar

Franken Stand – Los Angeles. Tofu-based brats, franks and sausages with all the toppings.

NY Dosas-New York City.  2007 Vendy Award winner. Specialty of the house: Lentil & rice Crepes/

Liba Falafel-San Francisco. Falafel pockets with gourmet toppings. All made from scratch.

Green Pirate Juice Truck-Brooklyn. Fresh squeezed fruit and veggie juice made from produce from local farmers. Runs on biodiesel fuel. Short on cash? They’ll trade juice for fresh produce mix CD’s.

Homegrown Smoker-Portland. A BBQ smokehouse without the meat. Tofu, tempeh, vegan meatloaf with homemade rubs and sauces.

Clover Fast Food-Cambridge. Healthy vegetarian fast food.

Big Cheese-Wash D.C./Arlington. Grilled cheese featuring bread from local bakeries and artisan cheeses. Don’t forget a side tomato soup.

The Vegan Food Truck-Chicago/Milwaukee. Vegan versions of pub classics like ribs and wings. And they deliver.

Conscious Cravings-Austin. Cheap, nutritious vegetarian food. Nothing on the menu tops $5.

Like No Udder-Providence. Vegan Soft Serve Ice Cream.



Happiness, $25 and under.

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