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Melt Shop What’s for lunch? The question we ask ourselves everyday while sitting at our desks. Pizza, deli, Chinese and dare I say McDonalds…..yikes.

Needless to say,  if you work in midtown, these options don’t come cheap. Wouldn’t you love to grab a great lunch for under $10? Well Cheapeats has the spot for you.

Melt Shop is a darling shop serving up America’s favorite sandwich…..Grilled Cheese. Located in the Citigroup Atrium on Lexington Avenue, this spot takes a classic and turns up the volume.

I recently ventured over the see what the buzz was all about. The large menu stands at the beginning of the line.  3 cheese, cheddar and roasted tomato – to name just a few. I decide to go for the aged cheddar with maple glazed bacon on sourdough bread. Oh my!

Melt Shop MenuWhile waiting for my sandwich, I decide to take some pix of the place when I hear a voice behind me saying; “No pictures please.” Startled, I turn around and apologize. Both laughing, we introduce ourselves. The voice turns out to be Spencer Rubin, the managing partner. “Hey, I’m trying out a new milkshake flavor, care to try it?’ Is the Pope Catholic?

While he goes back into the kitchen, my name is called at the pick up window. Yippee!

What’s great about their location are the outdoor tables right outside the shop. Instant al fresco dining. Perfect.

I open my cardboard box to find a lucious and gooey sandwich. I take a whiff. Oh this is going to be good. I take a bite. Sharpness of the cheddar combined with the salty and sweet of the maple bacon with a hint of sour from the bread. One word…..DELICIOUS.  But wait it gets better. Soon Spencer appears holding not just any milkshake but THE milkshake…. Health Bar Crunch Milkshake. I take a sip…..I’M SPEECHLESS! Thick, rich, creamy with bits of crunchy toffee. YOU HAVE A WINNER! Ladies, this will cure any break-up blues. 🙂

It’s not often you can find a spot for a workday lunch that is quick and cheap but most of all good. The Melt Shop hits all the marks.

But it’s not just for lunch….breakfast is also being served. Our prayers have been answered.




Happiness, $25 and under.


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