Eating Green Without Spending A Lot Of Green

Sorry for missing a post last week. Still getting back into the swing of things after the holidays. But we’re back!

Now that 2011 is here, many resolutions include eating healthy, loose weight and take better care of yourself. Gyms are seeing a spike in memberships and attendance all to start fading around February. Well Cheapeats will like to help you achieve your goal of eating healthy by sharing our latest find.

Purume is an Asian inspired restaurant serving fresh seafood, sushi, organic, vegan, gluten free, dim sum and noodles all under one roof. Their name is a Korean word that describes boundless field of greens in the Spring. When you walk in that’s exactly how you feel. The large open space reminds me of an open meadow. Green, peaceful and calming.

I grabbed a seat at a table in the corner surrounded by green trees and plants. The day was hectic and didn’t have time for lunch. Luckily they serve lunch till 4pm. I had been eating poorly during the holidays and wanted to get back on track. I glanced over the large menu that had a little something for everyone. Sushi, Noodles, Vegetarian and Vegan entrees. If that didn’t confuse me enough, my server walked over with a blackboard listing the daily specials. But there was something listed on the board outside that drew me in. The “Purume Lunch Box.” I chose Box F. Miso Soup, Broiled Salmon, Steamed Veggies, Brown Rice and Hijiki (seaweed). All this for $12. Not bad. With a cup of Green Tea, I am on the road back to recovery.

Within minutes my server brings out my Miso Soup. Just what my cold body and belly needed. It was flavorful with cubes of tofu, sliced scallions and seaweed. Not the clear and flavorless soups like many serve. You know what I’m talking about….Bath water!  The broth was a light taupe color and was rich and hearty. Just perfect.

Next arrives my lunchbox. It looks like an Advent calendar where behind each door is a little treasure. You do get a choice of sauces for your steamed vegetables. I chose carrot. I first go for the salmon. Light, buttery and perfectly cooked. The seaweed does have a sharp and distinct taste. Very much like the sea. I personally like it and it’s SOOO good for you. My steamed veggies consisted of large carrots, acorn squash and potatoes. Delicous but next time, I think I will go for the ginger sauce.

I was at Purume for a while, trying to make a dent in my lunch box. I hated to leave some behind but unfortunately, I  couldn’t finish it.

Overall,  my experience  was wonderful. I left  full, happy and SOOOO relaxed.


Happiness, $25 and under.

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