You Can Eat Green Without Spending A Lot Of Green – Part 2

Dessert @Jimmy 43

Cheapeats was able to eat green by going Vegetarian last week. But what about when you want to meet friends for a drink?  No problem. We got you covered.

Jimmy’s No 43  is like a cavern tucked away in the heart of the East Village. Take the metal stairs downstairs into the pub that’s  filled with wooden tables, exposed brick, old wine barrels and a huge selection of beer and wine.  Are you kidding me? A pub serving local organic fare? Where’s the greasy burgers and the beer nuts? No where to be found my friend.

First glance at the menu – An assortment of small plates where you can nibble on dishes like peppers with lemon and salt or sausage with mustard. Tasty nibbles  to go with your beer and wine. Then of course they offer  large plates, sides and desserts. I invited a friend to join me and sample the place. Let’s order a few things and share. Sounds good to me. Our decision….toasted almonds to start. Shrimp & grits with a  beet salad for our entree. I didn’t eat lunch so I was ready to chow down.

While we waited for our food, our lovely waitress brought us over a bread basket with EVOO with a dash of vinegar for dipping. My weakness. I tore off a piece of bread. Crusty on the outside and moist on the inside.  Good bread is the first  sign that signals if your meal is going to be good. Looks like it is. Before you knew it, I devoured the entire slice. My friend did too.

Our almond appetizer were toasted with a sprinkling of pepper lightly bathed in Paisley Farm Maple Syrup. If you’re a beer drinker, these will be a perfect bar snack.

Next – Shrimp sitting on creamy grits with Nodine’s bacon & scallions. Our side of Beet Tartar were shredded beets in a citrus sauce with caraway and topped with a dollop of creme fraiche. After we evenly divide our portions, time to taste. I take a piece of shrimp, grits, bacon and sauce to form the perfect bite. Open wide. Verdict? Perfection. How are the beets? Fabulous!!!!  With my glass of Malbec, my mouth and belly were smiling.

But wait, there’s more…Dessert. “Which dessert do you recommend?”; I ask our waitress. Walnut Bread Pudding with Ronnybrook Whipped Cream. One word…..Mmmmm.

One look at this spot and you would expect to find your typical pub menu. Certainly not dishes made with ingredients from local farms. You can’t always judge a book by it’s cover. They also serve local oysters every Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday.

Thanks  Jimmy’s and Fresh for organizing this dinner. I was able to eat green without spending a lot of green.

Happiness, $25 and under.


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