The Best Lunch Deal On Wall Street

| October 30, 2013

If you work on Wall Street, you know that it can be challenging to get out for lunch. More importantly find a good spot for lunch. After you hit the same old same old, you have run out of options. Burgers, pizza, sandwiches and salads….BORING!!! Wouldn’t you love to eat a HOT meal and be […]

Cheap Takeaway

| April 25, 2011

What we call take-out, the Brits call takeaway. Potato Potato. Tomato Tomato. Bottom line, we all eat on the run. We like it quick, but most of all, we like it cheap. Right next to the St Martins Lane Hotel is a great spot for takeaway. What is it? Fernando’s. Fernando’s is a small cafe, with about 6 […]