| January 31, 2014

  SUPERBOWL SUNDAY PARTY SUNDAY FEBRUARY 2nd  STARTING TIME – 4pm   Suspenders NY C, beloved 9/11 memorial restaurant, is hosting a Super Bowl extravaganza. This game day celebration, is featuring a FREE BUFFET. This buffet, will be filled with the restaurant’s most popular foods, $5 cocktails and excellent pitcher specials. Attendees will be able to enjoy […]

Touchdown Turkey

| January 12, 2010

Cheapeats was asked to create a Super Bowl recipe using Pace Picante Sauce.  Fan of football, not so much but I love a challenge.  I decided to tweek a simple but tasty recipe that is always a hit. Will it be good enough to win the contest? You tell me.     Touchdown Turkey  1/2lb ground sweet Turkey sausage […]