You Can Eat Green Without Spending A Lot Of Green – Part 2

| April 7, 2010

Cheapeats was able to eat green by going Vegetarian last week. But what about when you want to meet friends for a drink?  No problem. We got you covered. Jimmy’s No 43  is like a cavern tucked away in the heart of the East Village. Take the metal stairs downstairs into the pub that’s  filled […]

You Can Eat Green Without Spending A Lot Of Green – Part 1

| April 1, 2010

Cheapeats is honored to have been asked to review and share their experience during the Farm To Table dinners celebrating the screening of Fresh the Movie. Fresh is a powerful film discussing the current farming and food system and the simple changes we can make to better Americans and the planet. The most common argument people have […]

Lunch With A Twist

| January 26, 2010

More often than not, your typical cafe/coffee house is met with the same selections. Uninventive sandwiches, salads and desserts. Well that is no longer true. Fabiane’s in Williamsburg is shaking things up. This spot offer creative sandwiches like smoked duck, turkey with cranberry chutney and homemade chicken pot pie. Their daily specials reflect in season […]

I Relish In Brooklyn

| January 19, 2010

Cheapeats was recently hanging out in Williamsburg and found a great spot called Relish. This eclectic restaurant is housed in a old fashioned silver dining car. But old fashioned, it’s not. The menu features seasonal, organic and sustainable ingredients. Grass fed beef burgers which turned my friend who eats turkey burgers only, into a fan. […]

Americans Are Afraid of Inconvenience

| December 31, 2009

As we’re approaching 2010 and the end of a decade, change is the buzzword on everyone’s lips. What resolutions will you be making? My suggestion….see “Fresh The Movie.” I saw this movie a few months ago and it moved me so that I (a healthy eater) will never look at food and farming the same […]

Tricks Of The Trade

| September 4, 2009

Now that summer is winding down and soon we’ll be hanging up our BBQ equipment. Ever think how much money you spent on meat and seafood over the past few months? The average consumer have to pay top dollar for our food because of the various hands it touches. The farmer – distributor – super […]

The Greening of New York

| August 28, 2009

How many times are you asked…”How can you live in New York?”  It’s so crowded.  It smells. It’s expensive.  It’s nothing but concrete.  Yes, there are some truths to those statements, but there is a side of New York that many aren’t aware of.  There are many green spots around to allow us to become one […]

Good For Your Belly And The Environment

| August 6, 2009

A Green Bakery has come to New York both in design and ingredients.  Birdbath, with locations in the West and East Village is an amazement to the senses. Walls made from wheat. Their biodegradable cups are made from corn. Their displays and counter are made from recycled paper. Wind powered. Reclaimed wood. Water based paints. […]

Americain Flair In Brooklyn

| July 31, 2009

I can increase my raving decibel a notch because one of personal favorite neighborhood restaurants Stone Home Wine Bar offers Happiness, $25 and under.