The Hunt For Great Indian On The Upper Westside

One thing about the food scene in New York is that every ethnic food group is represented. One of our favorite cuisine is Indian, however, we are choosy where we go. A recommendation is always appreciated. So when Cheapeats was contacted to try a spot on the Upper Westside, we said Yes!

Savoury is a cozy restaurant located at 489 Columbus Avenue. The picture windows invite you in and the chic wood tables and cushioned booths, make you want to sit, relax and stay awhile. My bestie and I brought out hunger and love for Indian.

While enjoying a delicious glass of red wine, which was under $10, we scoured the menu. After a few minutes our decision was made and our server went to initiate the feast.

Soon we saw arms full of food. My belly started to skip a beat. Chicken Saag is like a chicken stew that is cooked with spinach puree. It’s not spicy but full of warming spices. Our side was Chana Masala which is chickpeas cooked with tomatoes and onions. The bed that this all sits on is basmati rice which is lighter and more nutty than plain white rice. And what meal isn’t complete with Naan; light pillows of dough that are cooked in a tandoor clay oven, so they come our puffy and charred.

chicken saag






The two girls who met to catch up were suddenly speechless. The chicken was moist and tender and chickpea had texture and yet were creamy. It was chilly outside but our bellies were warm from the herbs and spices from these dishes. As we were enjoying our meal, we noticed the delivery guy running back and forth all night long. Even on a chilly night, the neighborhood has to get their fix. A true sign of a great restaurant.

My bestie and I enjoyed a great meal. The staff was attentive and offered some suggestions and service was spot on.


Here’s a recap of our meal

Hungry yet?

Happiness, $25 and under.





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