Where to Celebrate Waffle Day?

Chicken & Waffles




Pancake Day came and went, and frankly we’re glad because it’s time for the main event: International Waffle Day on March 25. There’s no better place to get your waffle fix than Sweet Chick, where the specialty is fried chicken & waffles, and where every day is a waffle celebration.


Not content to just pair their super crispy and spicy fried chicken with any old waffle, Sweet Chick has reinvented the genre. You can find waffles stuffed with everything from bacon & cheddar to rosemary & mushrooms, and they even do a celery & carrot waffle topped with crumbled blue cheese to go with their bestselling Buffalo Chicken & Waffles.
Need something to tempt your appetite? Check out their special waffles on Instagram @sweetchickbk or at Sweet Chick.



Happiness, $25 and under.






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