Looking For Brick Oven Pizza And Wine Bar On The Upper Eastside?

Picture it – Valentines Day 2014 and 2 ladies with no significant others, meet for a quiet dinner. One Lady turns to the other and asks; “Where should we go?” The other Lady aka Miss Cheapeats says; “Fratelli Brick Oven Pizza and Wine Bar of course!”



Fratelli is a charming spot located at 1317 1st Avenue, in the heart of the Upper Eastside. The decor is very warm and inviting. Exposed brick walls, wooden tables throughout, Large picture window out front, open kitchen in the rear with the large Brick Oven for pizza. And when you walk in, you are immediately greeted by a person and a smile. Is my Mother here?


The reason is feels like home is due to owners Marc and Jon Bash. Their goal was create a Restaurant and Menu that is suitable for everyone…friends, lovers and families.


Being it was Valentines Day, the restaurant was offering a 3 course Prix Fixe Menu with wine for $55. But there were some items on the a la carte menu that were singing to us more, so we decided to do that. First up , the salad……Insalata Apple.




Let me just say….I LOVED THIS SALAD. It was large enough for 2 people to share and honestly could have made a meal out of it. It consisted of thinly slice Granny Smith Apples with candied walnuts, dried cranberries, goat cheese, field greens and lightly dressed in a cider vinaigerette. The flavors were a mix of sweet, sour and salty. The mixture of textures is what I loved the most. A salad that gives my tastebuds and mouth a workout, are the ones I love the most. A MUST HAVE!!!



For our entree, we decided to have the Grilled Salmon over sauteed Spinach. Simple and delicious. Before I forget, Fratelli is a Wine Bar, so their assortment of wines are excellent and won’t break the bank. I went with the Chianti and it was wonderful.




But what’s a Valentines Day without dessert?  We couldn’t decide, so we went with 2. An apple tart and the special dessert of the eve….White Chocolate Polenta Cake. The apple tart was like apple pie, wrapped in puff pastry. It was very warming with a hint of cinnamon and crunchy from the puff pastry. And of course, had chocolate sauce drizzled on it and a dusting of powder sugar. Delicious. But the star of the show was the White Chocolate Polenta Cake. AMAZING!!! If a corn muffin and chocolate cake had a baby, this would be their love child. It had texture from the polenta and sweetness from the chocolate. But it wasn’t overly sweet, it was very balanced. I love white chocolate and wish more pastry chefs used it. It got 4 thumbs up from our table. And glad to see it has stayed on the menu, so ORDER IT.


Fratelli is a great neighborhood spot and highly recommend that you check it out.


Happiness, $25 and under. 














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