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Are you a couple, group or friends looking for an evening full of delicious food and warm ambiance on Valentines Day? Head to local family-owned Italian restaurant Fratelli Brick Oven Pizza and Wine Bar. The restaurant has put together a special menu for Valentines Day where they have put a fresh twist on house favorites.

Complete with appetizers, entrées, wine, desert and a candle light table all for $55.00, this Valentines Day menu provides undeniable quality. Fratelli regulars shouldn’t fret, as the traditional a la carte menu will also be available.

Fratelli NYC is a great place for families, friends and couples to spend this anticipated evening in an inviting, casual environment that offers delicious Italian food and extraordinary personalized service. This family-friendly restaurant that is adored by its community is also a hidden gem when it comes to date spots. This is the first year that Fratelli will be offering a Valentines Day menu, and the restaurant is excited to be able to offer this unique pre-fixed menu to its regulars and to couples or families that are new to Fratelli.

“We’re thrilled to offer a special Valentines Day menu to our customers that really highlights the best dishes and offers something for everyone,” Said Marc Bash, co-owner of Fratelli. “Fratelli is a great place to be on this special night, whether its with a date, friend or family. We look forward to a great night!”

Diners will be able to enjoy Fratelli’s hot out of the oven pizza bread with their homemade sundried tomato dip and then choose a delicious appetizer of either the spinach and strawberry salad, or the beet and goat cheese salad. Entrée choices include the seafood a la rosa, the wine and garlic pork chops in white wine sauce, or the vegetable lasagna. Guests will also be treated to a glass of wine of their choice, and they will enjoy Fratelli’s signature white chocolate polenta cake for desert.

The restaurant is family-owned and has created relationships with members of the community. Each customer is special at Fratelli, as staff members take note of individual dining preferences. Walk-ins are welcome at Fratelli, however, reservations are strongly recommended for Valentines Day and can be made by calling (212) 249-6092.


1317 1st Avenue




Happiness, $25 and under.


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