Waffles And Hot Chocolate

The Holiday Season is in full swing and Winter “officially” begins December 21st. When the chill is in the air, nothing warms your body and belly better than hot chocolate. Not the powdered crap you get out of a Swiss Miss envelope. We’re talking proper hot chocolate that is rich and oh so delicious. Where can you find that in NYC? Why Popbar, of course.

Popbar is a tiny storefront, on the corner of Carmine Street & 6th Ave, in the heart of Greenwich Village. Although they still serve their world famous Gelato on a stick, Hot chocolate and Waffles are the name of the game in winter. And of course, on a stick.


Hot chocolate on a stick


Popbar features Dark, Milk and White Chocolate on a stick, that melts perfectly in a cup of warm milk. It’s not overly sweet at all. The real flavor of chocolate comes through. The perfect Winter drink. I tried the White Chocolate and LOVED IT!!!!



Hot Chocolate


To accompany your Winter drink, is their Waffle on a stick. The perfect portable snack to eat around town. The menu is simple. Choose your base waffle (plain or filled) then choose your dippings and poppings. The plain dipped in milk chocolate with coconut is my personal favorite.


Chocolate Chip
Roasted Pear
Dark Chocolate – Milk Chocolate – White Chocolate –
Mint Dark Chocolate – Whipped Cream
        Almonds – Hazelnuts – Pistachios – Shredded Coconut –
Waffle Cone – Caramel Corn
The waffles are light with the perfect crunch. Again, not overly sweet and the perfect portion size, not to overfill you.
wafflePop DC, Sugar, Whipped Cream
wafflePop Half Dipped
You can purchase their hot chocolate on a stick to take home or better yet, give as stocking stuffers. They even have a gift set, that includes a mug and 2 hot chocolate sticks. I have already cleaned them out twice and am going back for more.
I LOVE LOVE LOVE this place and am sure you will too.
Happiness, $25 and under.


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