Greenwich Wine And Food Festival

One of things I love about being a part of the Blogger Community, is meeting fellow bloggers and sharing our stories. Recently, we received a gracious invitation from CT Bites, to attend the Greenwich Wine And Food Festival. My motto is; “Have car, will travel…especially for food.” And so we did.

Let me start by saying, that you don’t need a car to attend this festival. It’s held at the Roger Sherman Baldwin Park, which is right across the street from the Metro North Train. Easy Peasy. Roger Sherman Baldwin Park is located on the Long Island Sound and was the perfect setting for this event.

I have my badge, I have my tote bag, I have my map, I have my appetite and I’m ready to roll. My first stop was the CT Bites Blogger Lounge to say hi and see the lineup of interviews for the day. I grab a coffee and a treat from Nothing But, my new fave product, and away I go.


Blogger Lounger Lineup


Blogger Lounge


The day was filled with sampling tasty nibbles, both savory and sweet, from the local restaurants. Many of the local artisan food companies were there, sharing samples of their delicious creations. People were laughing, eating and drinking under the huge white tent. Many of the celebrity Chefs you read about and Top Chef contenders were there too. GREAT PEOPLE WATCHING.


GWFFgwff (2)




Pacing myself with food.  I decided to attend some of the food demos that were going on. Michael Psilakis cooked a One-Pot Green Paella. Duff “The Bad-ass” Goldman of Ace of Cakes, made an INCREDIBLE Banana Foster, while entertaining the crowd. He is a RIOT!


Michael Psilakis

One-Pot Greek Paella by Michael Psilakis


Duff Goldman making Banana Foster

Duff Goldman making Banana Foster

The esteemed Pastry Chef, Francois Payard, made the most DECADENT Chocolate Filo Dessert. A crowd and my personal favorite. And Sarah Moulton, who made 5 ingredient weeknight meals.


Francois Payard

Francois Payard



Chocolate Filo Heaven



There was a Burger Bash/Competition and Singing Chefs too.   Even a chance to check out the new Maserati. What a SWEET car.




Miller Motor


By the end of the day, the CT Blogger Lounge was the place to be. Click the video to see.

Thanks Ellen Bowen and the team at CT Bites, for the generous invitation. I had a blast!!!!

Can’t wait to attend it again next year.

Happiness, $25 and under.



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