Eat FREE In Queens – September 10, 2013

Afghani culture is known for its historical cities and ancient art, but most importantly their food.  Ali Baba Restaurant offers the most beautiful and exotic tastes right from the Middle East, making it one of the best Afghani restaurants in New York City!

Alibaba Chef


On Tuesday, September 10th from 12pm-2pm, they would like to invite you in to try some of their favorite dishes for FREE!

At this time, Ali Baba will be offering the following dishes for patrons to sample that include:

Borani Bademjan – Cooked sliced eggplant with onion, tomato sauce, & special seasoning topped with yogurt sauce
Beef Teka Kabab – 8 pieces of meat on skewers

Kufta Kabab (Chicken Adana) – Ground chicken on a skewer
Gulpi Chalaw – Fresh cauliflower cooked with tomato sauce, herbs, and jalapeno
Qabli Palow – Large fine lamb shank served with basmati rice, carrots, and raisins
Frini – Milk, cornflower, fresh fruit, sugar, and pistachios
Alibaba Queens

Once you visit this Middle-Eastern hotspot you should spread the word as Ali Baba is a MUST for any and all New Yorkers as well as tourists!



183-10 Horace Harding Expressway
Fresh Meadows, NY 11365
Tel: 718-463-7900


Happiness, $25 and under.

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