Popbar Launches Popbites




Popbar just gave birth to their newest bundle of joy; praline sized VANILLA popGelato with chocolate sprinkles on-the-go!  
Each container comes prepackaged with 12 Vanilla popBites. Perfect for Summer Snackin’.
Summer Time Fun! Their events team is available to coordinate gelato socials for miniPops, regular popbars & popBites at your home, event venue or office, please email us at orders@pop-bar.com.
In other exciting news, Popbar opened its third store in Jakarta Indonesia at the Lotte Shopping Mall. Stay tuned for more stores in the US and internationally. For franchising inquiries please email us info@pop-bar.com
These mini bites are the perfect size to indulge.
NO guilt here. 🙂
Happiness, $25 and under.

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