25 Blogs Filled with Healthy Recipes for When You Fire Up Your Grill

Just in time for Memorial Day Weekend, we wanted to share some grilling ideas shared with us by House Sitting Jobs

As the weather starts to warm, you might be ready start grilling instead of slaving away in the kitchen. The good news is that you can grill just about anything. Some classic standbys of grilling are steak, hamburgers and hotdogs, but your options don’t end there.  You can also grill ham, chicken, lamb and so much more when it comes to meat.  Depending upon the type of seafood, you can either grill it right on the grill or use a special contraption to keep the fish from falling through the grates.  What about side dishes like veggies, which are simple and quick to grill?  If you like food on a stick, you can make several kinds of kabobs on the grill.  Check out these 25 blog entries to find all different types of main dish and side dish recipes, and even how to make dessert on the grill.

Meat Lovers

Grillers have been cooking meat on the grill for as long as there have been grills; as time goes on, cooks are getting even bolder with what they grill.  You can even grill for holiday dinners, like ham or a rack of lamb.  For these recipes and more, take a look at these five blog posts.


If you haven’t tried grilling vegetables, you need to give it a try.  There’s something about the grilling process that brings out new flavors in the vegetables.  Slice vegetables like eggplant, squash, or onions into thick slices in order to grill them without having them fall through the grate.  If you’d like to cook smaller chunks of vegetables, try using a grill basket or put the pan right on the grill.  Once you grill the vegetables it’s simple to incorporate them into dishes such as salads or a creamy gnocchi dish.  Try the recipes from these five blog articles and see if you develop a love for grilled vegetables.


While fish have been cooked over an open fire for centuries, it hasn’t been all that easy to cook fish on the home grill.  Now there are all sorts of options, such as a cage-type contraption that holds the fish in place so that it doesn’t fall apart and crumble into the coals.  Firmer fish like salmon steaks work fine on the grill surface.  How about trying bacon wrapped shrimp on the grill?  This recipe is a contest winner and might just become your favorite as well.  Take a look at these five interesting seafood recipes and see if you are brave enough to grill seafood.


Kabobs consist of any food that is threaded on a stick.  By keeping the food on the skewer you will have an easier time grilling it.  Kabobs are a smart choice for party food because they can be prepped ahead of time and brought out to be thrown on the grill.  Another smart thing about having kabobs at a party is that people can eat the food right off the skewer if they’d like.  Find recipes for fruit, vegetables, seafood and more in these five blog entries.


Grilling dessert is a relatively new thing that has slowly gained popularity as people have become more adventurous with how they prepare their dishes. Grilled fruit is especially tasty, as is grilled pound cake.  It doesn’t take long to cook these delicate foods, which makes them perfect for a quick dessert.  Enjoy one of these five dessert recipes on your grill tonight.


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