Farm2me and Red Jacket Orchards along with NYC Food Trucks, CheapEatsSmorgasburg & BK Flea Food PopUps, and GrowNYC Farms have partnered to bring home-made, make-your-own “Picnic Baskets” back with the tastiest all-natural cheeses and baked goods from innovative NYC start-ups during a unique local picnic pop up event on Saturday, May 18th at two locations: Prospect Park and Central Park.

From 1-4pm, guests will come through in group sessions and pick up their pre-ordered picnic baskets of the best all-natural, organic and sustainable treats and sustainable food. Featuring grass-fed goat cheeses, fresh baguettes, locally-sourced greek yogurts with wild honeys, walnuts or sour cherry compotes, New York state apples, local picklers, grass-fed meats, seasonal apple ciders, gluten-free cookies and snacks, handmade pies, organic hummus and more from brands like Red Jacket Orchards, The Meat Hook, Painted Goat Farm, Mile End Deli, Our Daily Bread, Krumville Bake Shop, Ivy Bakery, Rick’s Picks, Planti Foods and more. Manhattan and Brooklyn born companies are coming together to bring Picnic back, and show you that homemade, local treats may be healthier and more delicious than their manufactured counterparts.

Guests will get the scoop on what it’s like to launch a sustainable food popup through Farm2me & more. Come & discuss sourcing local, sustainable and organic ingredients, local food system, distribution and consumption, sustainability, local and organic growth practices.

The event will attract community leaders in the community from all five boroughs and surrounding areas. Come and meet some of the most knowledgeable people in sustainable food production and distribution. Bring the kids so they can spend the day outside (& learn about local food)!

Create your baskets for this event, here. Then pickup your basket on May 18 at the pop up locations: MANHATTAN: Central Park at Turtle Pond in Manhattan’s Upper East Side and Upper West Side neighborhood and BROOKLYN: Prospect Park at Prospect Park West and 4th Street.


Happiness. $25 and under


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