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Pie Face, New York’s go-to spot for Australian meat pies, is also revolutionizing the way Americans get their caffeine fix. Now with three locations in Manhattan (and more than 70 Down Under), Pie Face has brought Australia’s established espresso culture to American shores. With high-quality Australian espresso drinks like the Flat White (like a cappuccino but with a velvety texture and less foam) and Long Black (similar to an Americano), and two carefully-sourced signature blends, Pie Face coffee is complex, flavorful, and meets the standards for which coffee-obsessed Aussies are known.

The care and attention that Pie Face takes with their coffee, from sourcing the beans to training their baristas, is virtually unheard of in the fast-casual sector. Their top-notch coffee program features two signature blends of beans from Ethiopia, India, and Brazil:

  • Soft blend: a mellow but full-bodied lighter roast with nutty, stone-fruit flavors, notes of apricot and mango.
  • Hard blend: a chocolaty dark roast, roasted into second crack, producing a dark oily bean with notes of blueberry and tons of oomph.


With espresso prices ranging from only $1.95 to $3.95, this is high quality, grab-and-go coffee for the everyone: the Penn Station commuter passing by the newest Pie Face at 36th & 7th, the Times Square tourist at the original NYC location on West 53rd and Broadway or the young professional grabbing an afternoon pick-me-up at Pie Face Murray Hill.

The Instructor and Graduates of “Coffee Brewing 101”



Happiness, $25 and under.

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