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GO GO CURRY USA, INC. is opening a 3rd restaurant in NYC near World Trade Center.

Known for their special Katsu curry and triple-crown winner of the Japanese curry contest, Go Go Curry is opening a new location on Monday February 25th, 2013.


Grand Opening Date: Monday February 25th 10:55AM

World Trade Center Stadium

12 John Street, New York, NY 10038


Grand Opening Specials

*Monday February 25th: Serving single size (M) Curry for only 55 cents, limited 555 portions and 5 topping coupons.(Usual price $5.55-7.50)

*Tuesday February 26th to Thursday February 28th: Serving single size (M) Curry for only $5.00 (Usual price $5.55-7.50)



GO GO CURRY offers New Yorkers a place to experience traditional Japanese curry. Japanese Curry is considered the “Mac and Cheese” of Japan and is an ultimate comfort food.

The restaurant specializes in “Kanazawa curry” from the Ishikawa prefecture in Japan–home of former New York Yankee Hideki Matsui, #55.

The name originates from his jersey number, 55. “GO” in Japanese means the number 5 and 55 means GO GO. The founder, Mr. Hirokazu Miyamori, also from the Ishikawa prefecture was inspired by Hideki Matsui’s sensational debut in major league baseball back in 2003 and decided to open his first restaurant in Tokyo. Because of Hideki Matsui, GO GO CURRY has been inspired by his sport thus calling each restaurant location “Stadium” (Washington Square Park Stadium, World Trade Center Stadium).

GO GO CURRY has the best katsu curry in Japan and proves this title by winning the triple crown in a curry competition run by a famous Japanese magazine Nikkei Trendy. Its delicious curry won accolades in three categories: Best Curry Sauce, Best Rice and Best Katsu.

GO GO CURRY launched its first store in New York near Times Square on May 5, 2007. With its success followed a second location near Washington Square Park and now the restaurant is on to their third locale. Outside of New York there are 56 Go Go Curry restaurants in Japan, 2 in Hong Kong and 1 in Brazil.

The restaurant’s staple gravy is a rich pork curry delicately spiced and served in a stainless steel bowl. The curry is delicious on its own with no frills but many customers choose to add toppings to the thick gravy with the ten available add-ons ranging from tart Japanese Pickles to pork katsu.

The “Grand Slam” options offers hungry customers the chance to try a variety of toppings and it includes, rice, curry, 2 sausages, 1 pork and 1 chicken cutlet, 1 shrimp and a hard boiled egg.

The curries come in all sorts of baseball-inspired sizes, the smallest portion being “the walk” with sizes ranging from single to triple, depending on appetite.

The signature dish, and one of the most popular dishes at Go Go Curry, is the pork katsu curry. Katsu is a lean pork cutlet covered in a dense crust of panko bread crumbs then deep fried to order. Thick Ishikawa curry marries the cutlet to the sticky rice, while thin sliced cabbage provides a cool interlude that stands up to the dishes rich flavors.


Happiness, $25 and under.

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