Cheap Valentine’s Day Gift

Hey Fellas & Ladies, looking for a gift for your Valentine that won’t break the bank? We have a great idea for you that is CHEAP, CHIC and UNIQUE.



Show your loved ones how much you appreciate them this Valentine’s Day with Popbar’s Strawberry popSorbetto miniPops!

Strawberry popSorbetto miniPops are made fresh daily with all natural ingredients, no artificial colorings, no preservatives and REAL strawberries.

Popbar miniPops come customized with any of their all natural dippings and poppings. Doesn’t the pop with dark chocolate drizzle & coconut poppings look delicious?


From today until Valentines Day, they are offering 6 Strawberry popSorbettos dipped in dark chocolate in their reusable thermal bag (stays frozen for 3 hrs) for a SPECIAL VDay offer of $14.99.

A $27.00 VALUE FOR $14.99!

This offer is limited to 2 per person. Order in advance at for guaranteed pick-up with your name and contact info

For other great Valentine’s Day gifts, try their Hot Chocolate Sticks and other all natural goodies. You might want to sample some of the goods at their store in the West Village and online at



Happiness, $25 and under.

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