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Foodtrucks are all the rave these days. It’s one of the best places to grab a good and affordable meal. One recent afternoon in midtown, we discovered one that made our tastebuds dance. What was it? Comme Ci Comm Ca


Comme Ci Comme Ca is the brain child of Chef Samir, a transplant from Morocco. When he arrived in New York, he grew tired of pizza and longed for the tangine, slow cooked food he grew up on. So he gathered his friends and practiced his cooking on them.

Thanks to that, we now can feast on his cooking all around NYC. I caught up with them in Midtown, when I was starving and trying to find something that was healthy. Protein, Cous Cous and Veggies? Ding Ding Ding…we have a winner.

I decided to go with the Lemon Chicken Cous Cous Platter and was so happy I did. Picture it, moist pieces of Chicken  marinated in lemon and spices, served with cous cous,vegetables and with a light drizzle of vegetable broth. You have a choice of 4 sauces – Green Olive, Spicy Andalusian, Spicy Mint or Casablanca. The sauces add more depth to the dishes, but to be honest, it’s delicious without it.

With every bite I took, I was transported to Morocco. The spices and flavors were a party in my mouth. OUTSTANDING. I understand why there was a crowd outside his truck.





Thanks Chef Samir for sharing with us, all the recipes that you grew up on. My belly, waistline and wallet thank you too. 🙂


Happiness, $25 and under.


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