Food Truck Rally – Prospect Park

What is your typical routine for a Sunday? Brunch? Spending time with the kids? Working out? What if I told you, that you can do all that under one roof. Interested?

The 3rd Sunday from June – October, is  the Food Truck Rally. Nestled at the entrance of Prospect Park, is a fleet of food trucks, serving up some of the best and cheapest food, money can buy. The perfect spot to hit after a run or bikeride in the park.


Food TruckFood Truck

We stopped by on September 16th and it was HOPPING!!! The setting could not have been more perfect. Sunny, not to hot, not too cool. Just lovely. We strolled around, to see what tasty treats would tickle our tastebuds. Pizza, Tacos, Lobster, Ice Cream, Waffles, Mexican…Oh my! What to choose? What to choose?


We decided to mix things up and check out Bongo Brothers Cuban Food. In order to service everyone at the rally, they had a set menu to choose from. We decided to try the Ropa Vieja Sliders and waited to hear our name called. We spotted a spot, popped a squat and feasted.


Our slider was filled with shredded beef, that was lightly sauced with it’s own au jus. Their sauce counter, had squeeze bottles filled with every sauce imaginable. We chose BBQ and  little hot sauce, for a kick. We took a bite….. mmmm. Every sandwich and slider came with matchstick potatoes. The perfect bite sized meal. 


I think we have room for something more. I’m feeling savory, not sweet….DUMPLINGS!!! So, we scooted over to Rickshaw Dumplings, for their Chicken and Thai Basile Dumplings with a Satay Dipping Sauce.


As we glanced out in the crowd, we noticed one common thread…SMILES. Everyone from little kids to older adults, were laughing, smiling and eating.

What was the cherry on this Sunday? Stilt walker performers walking in the crowd…PRICELESS.


Don’t miss the last rally of season on October 21st.

Happiness, $25 and under.

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