6 Unhealthy Fast Food Items You Should NEVER Eat

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It’s no secret that fast food isn’t good for us, but that hasn’t stopped people from going to the drive-thru day after day. Fast food is cheap, convenient, and oh-so greasy good. In addition to making fast food part of our regular diet, we’ve also become accustomed to super-sizing our orders and dressing up our burgers and sandwiches with cheese, mayo, and other fatty toppings. While many fast food restaurants are starting to introduce healthier options to their menus, others are pushing their high-calorie hamburgers, fries, and tacos even more. Whether you’re a fast-food-aholic or the occasional fourth-meal junkie, you will want to think twice before ordering any of these six disturbingly unhealthy fast food items.

  1. Carl’s Jr., Double Amazing Grilled Cheese Bacon Burger:Even the name is a mouthful. Carl’s Jr. is known for their messy, high-calorie burgers, and no matter how hard other fast food joints try to out-fat one another, this one always seems to take the top spot. Coming in at a whopping 1,110 total calories and 82 grams of fat, this cheese-slathered, bacon-stacked burger is a heart attack in a bag.
  2. Subway, Footlong Chicken and Bacon Ranch Melt:You might “eat fresh” at Subway, but that doesn’t mean your sandwich of choice is the healthiest option on the menu. Take the chicken and bacon ranch footlong sub, for instance. Yes, it contains grilled, white meat chicken, but then it is smothered in cheese and bacon and topped with ranch dressing. Don’t be deceived by the healthy veggie toppings; this sandwich has 1,140 calories and more than 50 grams of fat.
  3. Qdoba, Beef Taco Salad:This is far from what you’d call a healthy salad. Topped with seasoned beef, shredded cheese, sour cream, guacamole, salsa, and, oh yeah, a few leaves of lettuce, this taco shell salad is really no different than a few crunchy tacos. If you go all out with the salad toppings, you may end up eating upwards of 1,200 calories during one meal. That’s equivalent to most of the burgers on this list!
  4. Five Guys Burgers and Fries, Large French Fries:It’s no surprise that French fries are on this list of disturbingly unhealthy fast food items, but did you know that the beloved Five Guys Burgers and Fries have some of the fattiest French fries around? If you like to go big with your French fries, beware that a large fry at this burger joint is a dangerous 1,474 calories and 71 grams of fat.
  5. Hardee’s, Monster Thickburger:If you thought the Carl’s Jr.’s burger was bad, it’s sister-company Hardee’s has an even more disturbingly unhealthy burger to top it. Hardee’s Monster Thickburger doesn’t even try to hide the fact that it’s one of the fattiest fast food items around. It stands tall with two 1/3-pound beef patties, four strips of bacon, three slices of American cheese, mayo, and a big sesame bun. Chowing down on one of these bad boys will cost you big time, approximately 1,290 calories and a frightening 92 grams of fat.
  6. Burger King, Triple Whopper with Cheese:Anything with three beef patties smothered with mayo and cheese is not exactly what you’d call a healthy meal. The Triple Whopper is the triple threat to your health. This behemoth of a burger has 1,230 calories and a whopping 82 grams of fat. Add fries to this heart-clogger and you’ve well exceeded your daily recommended intake of sodium, fat, and, well, everything else.



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