Where Can I Find A Good Lobster Roll In NYC?

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If you ever summered in New England, seafood is always on the menu. But not just any seafood, LOBSTER. There is nothing like an authentic Lobster Roll. In my opinion, it puts a Hot Dog to shame.

New York City is a few hours away from these fish shacks. Boo Hoo! But, we found a spot, that if you closed your eyes and opened your mouth, you’re in Maine.

Claw is a tiny spot, located in hip Hell’s Kitchen. Its large windows and white interior, are cheery and hip. After coming home from a late work day, I decided to stop in and give it a try.

I decided to order a couple of things and sample them in the privacy of my home. Honestly, I didn’t want to pig out in public. 🙂 I ordered their signature Lobster Roll and the Lobster Mac & Cheese. After a little wait, I was handed a paper bag and skipped all the way home.

Immediately, I tore open my brown bag and behold was my treasure. Large chunks of lobster, lightly dressed in butter and mayonnaise, nestled in a toasted potato bun and topped with cornichons. I took a bite….Mmmmmmm. The lobster was sweet, tender and not overly sauced. It tasted like the ocean. It tasted like Maine. What’s sets Claw apart from the competition, is their Lobster Roll comes with shoe string fries. I warn you, you might not be able to finish them. Leftovers!!!! Cost $17.

Next, the Lobster Mac & Cheese. First glance, they don’t use ordinary elbow macaroni. They use gourmet pasta, that’s cross between a hat and a bugle. Let’s dig in. The pasta was perfectly cooked, creamy, not to cheesy, big chunks of lobster and topped with a buttery brioche breadcrumb crumble. DECADENT. My only complaint, it was a little under seasoned. But with a dash of salt, it was perfect for my taste buds. Cost $12.

Their Lobster arrives everyday fresh from Maine, which explains why you taste the sea. Overall, I give them 2 thumbs up and an; “I’LL BE BACK.”


Happiness. $25 and under.

P.S. In case you’re wondering, I didn’t eat all of the Mac & Cheese. I saved it for the next day. Lobster 2 days in a row. WOO! HOO!



The Claw on Urbanspoon

The Claw on Urbanspoon

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