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If you are Australian or have ever traveled there, you know that Australians love their Pies. Well this American, loves them too and was ecstatic to discover Pie Face Bakery.

Pie Face Bakery is a bakery/cafe, that originated in Bondi, Sydney. Nestled in the heart of Midtown, it’s the perfect spot to grab a treat. They offer their famous pies (large & mini), sausage rolls, mini cakes, desserts, paninis and their infamous coffee. Who needs a Vente or Grande, when you can have  a – Still Asleep, Open My Eyes, Start My Eyes and Kick My Arse!



There are so many options to choose from. Lucky for me, I had help from Libby Andrews from YC Media and Luke – The Catering Manager, to walk me through their menu and offer some recommendations.


A box of mini pies was set down in front of me with different faces and letters, which signify what type of pie it is.  My first try – Mince Beef and Tomato. Picture sloppy joe wrapped in a flaky crust. Oh boy…this is going to be dangerous. Next – Chicken and Mushroom. OMG! Tender moist chicken with a creamy Mushroom filling. MY FAVE. There were also Mexican – similar to a sloppy joe, but with a little more kick. Tandori Vegetable – Curry flavor with a kick. Chunky Steak – traditional meat pie and many, many more.

Next on the menu was an Italian Panini. Genoa Salami, Pepperoni, Cheese and Greens, They toasted it up for me, so the bread was crispy and the cheese was oozing. I took a bite and immediately said; “This tastes like home.” Even though I was full, I finished my half.


I gazed at all the sweet treats on display and thought, there is no way I can eat another thing. Libby insisted on an iced coffee and a Lamington.

What is a Lamington you ask? It’s Angel Food Cake with a Raspberry Jam filling, with Chocolate Frosting and topped with Coconut. I KNOW!!! I took a bite and just looked at her and said; “That should be illegal.” Their iced coffee is like a milkshake that is creamy, frothy and highly addictive.



Thank you Libby and Luke and the staff at Pie Face for an delicious lunch and especially my present. A box full of sweet and savory pies to take home. The picture below says it all.

Happiness, $25 and under.


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