Chulita’s Famous Sofrito

While going through my twitter feed and planning my trip to Hester Street Fair, I saw a tweet from a vendor at the fair claiming to have the best sofrito money can buy. Immediately I engage in a conversation with her, because I think my friend’s Mom makes the BEST sofrito. I refer to it as LIQUID GOLD and for years, have been trying to convince her to market it. We could be millionaires. But her Mom won’t divulge her recipe and the only thing I do is anxiously wait for my jar, when she makes a batch. DARN IT.

This vendor stands by her claim and invites me to sample it at the fair. So I head over and stand face to face with competition. Who is this Claim to Famer? Chulita’s Famous.

Chulitas Famous was created in 2011 and offers All Natural Latin Sofritos and Spices. They don’t use MSG or Food Starch, often found in store bought brands. But the best there??? I’ll be the judge of that. The owner and I have a giggle at her booth and lets me taste her sofritos and adobos. I decide on the Sofrito Verde and Adobo Sabroso.

“Put them in the fridge immediately;” I’m told. That’s the first sign of a good and authentic sofrito. “OK my dear;” I’ll be back with my verdict.

Their Sofrito Verde is made with bell peppers, garlic, cilantro, lemon juice, culantro, oregano, white vinegar and sea salt. I decide to marinate some fresh sea scallops I bought at the Farmers Market, for dinner that night. I also put a spoonful in my plain black beans I heated up out of a can. Well….IT WAS OUTSTANDING!!! So much flavor in just a tablespoon. WOW..I’m impressed.

I’ve since used it on fish, on veggies, in dressings…actually on anything that I wanted to give a little kick to.

Now on to the Adobo. The Adobo Sabroso is made with garlic, sea salt, onion, oregano, coriander and tumeric. I decided to test it when making a simple roast chicken. I took 2 bone in chicken breasts and peeled off the fatty skin. I sprinkled the Adobo liberally on the chicken, squeezed a half of lemon and a glub of olive oil all in a plastic bag (including the used half of lemon) and let in marinate in the frig for about 1hr.

I placed it on a roasting plan and baked it at 400 degree for about 40minutes? Sorry I’m bad at recipes. Like my Grandmother used to tell me…”Cook it till it’s done.”

It was the most delicious chicken EVER!! It was moist, juicy and packed with flavor. What normally is considered a simple and boring dish, became a gourmet meal. I was so impressed, especially with myself.

OK Chulitas, I’ve been converted. You do make the BEST Sofrito and Adobo. But don’t tell my friend’s Mom. It will be our little secret. 🙂


Happiness, $25 and under.



P.S. Shop keepers, If you want to make your customers happy and are looking for a hot product? CARRY CHULITAS FAMOUS. Your cash register will thank me.

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  1. Gloribell says:

    Thank you for a great review. If your fans want to get their hands on some Sofrito. Feel free to check out our online store or NYC Gourmet Stores we sell our line.

  2. Rosemarie says:

    You’re welcome. Cheapeaters, you MUST buy their product. You will thank us! ^_^

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