Yelp Summerfest

Thanks to Brooklyn Exposed, Cheapseats scored tix to Yelp Summerfest, in Red Hood Brooklyn. The event was held on one of the hottest nights in NYC, so heading out on the water, sounded ideal.

The evening started off by heading down to Battery Park City. From there, we hopped on the FREE Water Taxi to Red Hook. The staff were cheeky and the cocktails started flowing. Once we docked at the base of Fairway, we all followed the signs to Liberty Warehouse. After checking in and making a donation to New York City Coalition Against Hunger, the eating and drinking began.

Kiwiana served a chilled corn chowder with crab. It was creamy, light and SO refreshing.

The guys from Little Neck worked feverishly shucking and serving the most delicious Oysters, that were so fresh…they tasted like the sea.

The Saint Austere served polenta topped with sausage. This dish was so creamy and velvety, my mouth is watering just thinking about it.

Brisket was on the menu at Mables. Now I’m not a big red meat lover or eater, but I do enjoy a good brisket. Theirs was moist, tender and not fatty. Topped with their tangy BBQ sauce, YUMMY.


The guys from Sips & Bites were a hoot, but their food was serious. A roasted tomato & pepper soup topped with their version of a grilled cheese. The soup was smoky, creamy and with the sandwich dipped in…THE PERFECT BITE. They also served mini meatloaf sandwiches, that were moist and tasty. It was like being a kid again. For dessert, they served their version of a Strawberry Pop-Tart & cookies. Stick a fork in me, I’m done. 🙂


Please forgive me Benchmark, but I can’t find my notes on what you served. How embarrassing. I did write LOVED IT on your menu. 🙂 I was just reminded that it was a Pork Parfait with Braised Pork Shoulder, Mashed Potatoes, Chipotle BBQ, Miso Caramel. YUM.


The crowd was gobbling up the Pulled Pork from The Sunburnt Calf.



Tacos from Korilla BBQ, Lobster BLT from Luke’s Lobster. White Gazpacho from Dumont, Brownies from Robicellis, Ice Cream from Brooklyn Ice Cream Factory – LOVED the vanilla & blueberry and OUSTANDING Pinot Grigio from Ruffino Wines.



It wouldn’t be a party, without some FREE SWAG. My personal favorite from Indiana Popcorn is Cinnamon Sugar.

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Blackberry & Watermelon from Hint

Sweet Potato & Plain are my faves from Pop Chips.


This was how the evening ended.

Thank you Yelp, Brooklyn Exposed  and all the vendors, for an enjoyable evening.

I came, I saw, I ate, I drank…I FULL!


Happiness, $25 and under.

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